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Mel Evans

“A great experience to work with two positive women who have been through the same struggles as most of us. Steph and Rachel are inspiring women to make exercise and a well-balanced diet part of a healthy, everyday lifestyle, not forgetting the importance of mental well-being and loving yourself no matter what your shape or size.”

Jane Crombie

“I love the variety of recipes, the exercise videos are excellent. Really enjoy discovering about different food groups etc. Rachel and Steph are so supportive, knowledgeable and fun. The wellness plan really does work, great support and knowledge from a lovely pair of ladies. Thank you so much. Helped me keep sane before, during and after lockdown”

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Quick and Satisfying Recipes

Quick & Satisfying Recipes

Every month you will get access to new recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and bonus treat/drink recipes too.

Movement Sessions & Workouts

Movement Sessions 

Workouts should be enjoyable, doable and help decrease your stress, not add to it! New sessions released every month.

Self-Care & Wellbeing

Self-Care Guidance

You SO deserve to care for yourself! Which is why every month we share new self-care tips including meditations & more.

Quick and Satisfying Recipes

Wellness Coaching

Here we share guidance on all topics to do with your overall wellbeing including all things nutrition, lifestyle and health.


Movement Sessions & Workouts

Online Community

Our private online community of like minded chicks will help encourage you, celebrate you and support you on your journey.

Self-Care & Wellbeing

Regular Bonuses

We all love a bonus, right? Well we have you covered with regular surprise bonuses which include nutrition, lifestyle & mindset tools.

If you want to drop 12lbs in 3 hours with crazy diets and high energy workouts, then our Members' Club is not for you!

If you want to take a realistic approach to your entire lifestyle and have the tools and coaching to help you make positive, lasting changes...

If you believe in a healthy balance and don't see the point of a life without cake or cocktails...

Then our Members' Club is exactly for you.

We're on a mission to help empower women like you to make positive changes for a healthier and more satisfying existence.

Sound good?

If you’re tired of feeling tired and never quite feeling as good or well as you expect to, it’s time to choose a different path and liberate yourself. It's time to put the YOU back in YOUrself.

When you notice something’s off-kilter about yourself, it’s your bodies way of telling you something needs to change, you need more balance and you must not ignore it.

You can be your own healer when you have the tools, guidance and support to work on you.

Reach or remain a healthy weight, increase (or retain) your fitness, mental wellbeing, relaxation, self-care and all with the support of an online community with a solution that fits into your life rather than it taking over it.

We know you don't have a lot of time, so we have made sure (the majority of) everything we deliver doable in 30 minutes.

Discover more about what your body needs in order to feel healthy, happy and more balanced by selecting the elements you personally need to work on the most.

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