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Spreading Wellbeing & Love...

We want to help you keep yourself feeling fit, healthy and increase your overall wellbeing, whilst also helping to support others and pay it forward...

So, we are donating over half of every purchase made of our Body Revive Plan to UK charities we believe could do with some extra support right now. These charities help those who have been displaced and we know will be in a worse situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic!

We will donate £6 from every sale and share it equally between the following charities:

Refuge - For Women and Children Experiencing Domestic Violence

Shelter - Housing and Help for the Homeless and Vulnerable

Blue Cross - Providing FREE vet care (when people can't afford to pay), rehoming and education

We are passionate about women's rights and wellbeing, child safety, helping those who are in need and animal welfare and care. This is why we chose these charities.

We have added extra bonuses to the plan which includes:

  1. Self Care Survival Manual
  2. Quick Do Anywhere Workout Video
  3. Mobility & Stretching Session Video
  4. Meal Planner

The Plan is £11 and £6 will be donated from every single sale equally between the three deserving charities.

Discover more about the plan below or...

We’re Rachel & Steph, both certified personal trainers with 17 years in the wellbeing industry.
Between us we have a host of qualifications including nutrition coaching, breathwork coaching, movement coaching, life coaching, massage therapy and many more.
We've been on our own wellness journey's and are looking forward to helping you start or continue yours...

If you’ve recently become acutely aware that you need to move more, eat healthier, and you’re serious about making some positive changes… this 2 week guide could be exactly what you need to give you that kick start.

Feeling Fab in Just 2 Weeks...

These two weeks will fly by and in the end, your efforts will be rewarded and leave you feeling energised, healthier and fitter. It's a little kick start fo your body.

Here’s What You Get...

This isn't a plan which suggests you drink nothing but juices or smoothies or drop your calorie intake dangerously low or take supplements. We are against that whole dangerous side of our industry!

This plan includes 2 weeks of realistic and healthy steps to help you increase energy, boost those feel-good hormones, lose a few lbs and increase your wellbeing.

It’s got a huge amount of practical tips and advice with handy ACTION steps for you to take to help you reach your short term goals.

Once you start to implement the simple but effective changes into your life, you will begin to feel the difference of making these positive changes and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Included inside our 5 Step Body Revive Plan...

  • Simple, healthy recipes and a sample meal plan to make food EASY and flexible

  • Two weeks of at home, bodyweight workouts with two levels of difficulty

  • Nutrition tips to help you know which foods nourish your body the most

  • A food diary to help you stay on track

  • BONUS! Sample Meal Planner

The price of the Body Revive Plan is £11 and you’ll get access to it straight away as a PDF download via our website when you place your order.

You can access the guide anywhere/anytime with our handy APP too.

Get Your 14 Day Plan NOW!

"I did the 14 day Body Revive Plan and I was really pleased with how it went because I lost 7 pounds exactly, which is amazing! I felt great after the 14 days, had more energy and slept better too."

Carla I

"Getting this guide has been the best decision I made since trying gyms and fad diets with no success or enjoyment! I feel so much better - even after just 2 weeks I'm sleeping better, feel less sluggish and lost 1/2 stone!"

Julie B

If You’re Ready for a Body Boost This Will Work For You!

Our methods have helped so many women make lasting changes regardless of their lifestyle, it fits into your schedule regardless of your workload or family demands, it’s designed to make getting healthier, easier and quicker.

You’re probably thinking, I’ve heard it all before, tried it all before… but we’re different because we cut the crap, we tell the truth and our methods are proven and everything we say and do comes simply from a desire to HELP women thrive.

Spreading Wellbeing...

We want to make this 2 week guide as accessible to all women as possible, which is why we’re offering it at only £11 instead of its true value of £47! 

Our hope is that you'll embrace the plan and truly feel amazing after following everything in it...

Get the 14 day plan for just £11.00


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