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How To Find Time for Self Care

Every busy woman we know needs to hear this… Take Care Of Yourself Too

Women are chronically putting other people’s needs before their own. It’s in our nature to be caregivers, but all too often that leads to our own needs being at the bottom of the list.

We survive on very little sleep, lots of coffee, and endless guilt for not being more present mothers, daughters, relatives, better employees, working out more and eating healthy. We never stop berating ourselves… must look better, be more, do more!

But, you know what?

This constant grind and hustle of taking care of everything and everyone is one of the biggest reasons why so many women are completely burnt out, anxious, depressed, and unhappy.

An overly stressed body can lead to your cortisol being out of whack! If you're trying to slim down, taking care of yourself (outside of food and exercise) is absolutely critical.

Here are some best practice self-care tips that you can implement on your busiest...

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How to Cope with the Menopause

As your body is making changes to enter another phase in your life, it’s important that you listen to your body and adapt so you change with it. That way you’re giving yourself the best chance to avoid those well documented ‘hellish’ symptoms many women experience!

Where weight is concerned, menopause does play a part but so does the fact that your body is ageing, so the menopause isn’t entirely to blame. Hormones, lean muscle mass and movement all tend to decrease as your body goes into a new phase of life, therefore, if you don’t make any changes in your diet or activity, weight gain during this time is inevitable. Dips in mood, energy, lack of sleep and trying to ‘cope’ with the symptoms can often also lead to an increase in cravings for higher sugar (carb) and fat foods, further increasing body fat.

So, when your body is changing, you need to also be changing with it so you can continue on in harmony.


Although there...

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