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Circadian Fasting for Gut Health


Let's face it, most of us have never experienced a situation like we are right now... we're spending more time at home, even more time sat down and yet probably more time eating than ever before! Usually out of boredom or anxiety!

Truth is, the less you move, the less food (energy) you actually need... the other side to this is you're likely to be reaching for high sugar/fat/salt 'comfort' foods because you've gone into a coping mechanism... this is human nature, give yourself a moment to be in this space and then, recognise it will negatively impact you if ongoing and take action!

Poor gut health is linked to obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and digestive issues such as IBS.

However, it’s mostly linked to your immunity and the strength of it to ward off viruses and illness... this is SUPER IMPORTANT now right?

Here are some quick tips to help your body to strengthen your immunity...

* Eat more fibre - foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes

* Overconsumption of sugar, meat, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods destroys that boosting effect!

* Eat more polyphenols - fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, olive oil and tea, coffee and wine - the last 3 need to be in limited quantities!

* Mini fasts (not constantly snacking/eating throughout the day) and circadian fasting both work to help boost your healthy gut bacteria because they lessen the workload on them.

* Avoid artificial sweeteners in foods such as sugar-free or reduced sugar because they can help kill off your good bacteria too!

Now for more on Circadian Fasting...

Circadian Fasting: is eating in harmony with your body's natural rhythm, so eating for only 10 or 12 hours of your waking day and not eating anything during your downtime/sleep time.

After your last meal in the evening you do not eat anything else, you do however continue to remain hydrated with water and fruit / herbal teas before your first meal and after your last meal.

Below is an example...

10 Hours

Breakfast: 7am

Evening Meal: 5pm (nothing but water or fruit herbal tea after this time)

Breakfast: 10am

Evening Meal: 7pm (nothing but water or fruit herbal tea after this time)

12 Hours

Breakfast: 7am

Evening Meal: 7pm (nothing but water or fruit herbal tea after this time)

Breakfast: 5am

Evening Meal: 5pm (nothing but water or fruit herbal tea after this time)

In a perfect world you should ideally have your last meal around 7pm, but in reality, try to aim for this time as much as your schedule will allow.

We personally find the 7pm to 7am or 7pm to 10am works well for our schedule and isn’t difficult to get used to. This isn’t about denying yourself though, so if you’re ravenous at any point then eat a piece of fruit!

This way of eating alongside NOT snacking in between meals (except for fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds) can help with gradual and sustained weight loss also providing immense health benefits because you allow your body’s systems to work naturally and in harmony.

As long as you are not constantly eating between meals or eating a high sugar diet or overeating, your insulin will do its important job correctly by storing the sugar until you need it for energy such as during physical activity or in between meals.

This is the most sustainable way of fasting and doing so safely, it doesn't create a deprivation mindset and helps improve gut health in the process. Move more too and it's inevitable this will lead to natural weight loss also.


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