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How to Kickstart Your Fitness

The question we're getting asked a lot right now is how to kickstart your fitness.

We get that, it's been a challenging time, so many have gone completely off track with exercise during these last few months. Who could blame you! This whole COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic has had us all in a spin!

Don’t despair, we are here to help you with our exercise kickstart tips that will have you back on track in no time at all.

Set Small Realistic Goals

These can be anything that you would like to achieve over the next 3 months for example. Perhaps you would like to increase your muscle tone and decrease your body fat by increasing your fitness or maybe you would like to be able to run 10K or would you like to increase your fitness stats to help improve health. Once you have chosen your goal, break that goal down over the coming months and then again into smaller weekly goals, over the 12 weeks. One thing to always remember is to start small, achieve one goal and then move onto the next....

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How to Curb Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a challenge for many of us, we all have emotions and strong reactions to things which make us react in many unexpected ways!

Taking a moment to breathe and consider why the emotions are there in the first place or stepping away from a situation which is making you feel bad can be difficult. Although, these are essential if you want to stop emotional eating and curb that reactive response.

The urge to eat something is a powerful one when your stress response or anxiety have gone into overdrive and you’re no longer conscious about what you eat, you just need to eat/drink something to distract you and make those feelings or those unwanted sensations go away! 

Then eating/drinking has become a coping mechanism or a distraction!

Emotional eating is a reaction to feelings, thoughts or sensations that drive you (sometimes in a ritualistic state) to try and quash them with the action of eating or drinking something. Often these foods/drinks are the ones which...

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Organic Turkey Burger Recipe

Remember when we were kids before the 'manufacturers' got their hands on our food and when food tasted natural and you could really taste the real flavour?

The best quality of meat and dairy comes from grass-fed, free-range and organic. We understand some people are vegetarian (Rachel doesn't eat meat) and completely respect and admire those choices, and while we don't recommend eating much meat at all, what we do eat needs to be 'the good stuff' because we not only care where it comes from and what processes it's gone through but we also care about what we put into our bodies.

We won't go into too much detail but if you choose the non-free-range, non-grass fed meat and poultry then you're subjecting your body to hormones, pesticides, chemicals, high levels of salt, preservatives, additives, colourings and lots more nasties which might not affect you this very moment but may certainly have an impact on your health in the long run.

It's also worth considering what your animal...

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Circadian Fasting for Gut Health


Let's face it, most of us have never experienced a situation like we are right now... we're spending more time at home, even more time sat down and yet probably more time eating than ever before! Usually out of boredom or anxiety!

Truth is, the less you move, the less food (energy) you actually need... the other side to this is you're likely to be reaching for high sugar/fat/salt 'comfort' foods because you've gone into a coping mechanism... this is human nature, give yourself a moment to be in this space and then, recognise it will negatively impact you if ongoing and take action!

Poor gut health is linked to obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and digestive issues such as IBS.

However, it’s mostly linked to your immunity and the strength of it to ward off viruses and illness... this is SUPER IMPORTANT now right?

Here are some quick tips to help your body to strengthen your immunity...

* Eat more fibre - foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes


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Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

This chicken noodle soup is like a hug in a bowl and packed with nutrients. It’s also gluten-free because we use rice noodles and no gluten-containing ingredients.

If you’re a veggie just add in some pulses or lentils instead of the chicken and use vegetable stock in place of chicken stock.

We prep our own batches of chicken stock using the left-over whole chicken from a roast dinner, by breaking it up then putting it in a large pan, add in vegetable stock (so the water covers), throw in any bits of veggies like carrots, celery, onion (about 1 cup worth) and then simmer with the lid on for around 2 hours. 

Leave to cool, pour into small freezer airtight containers and just defrost before use and drop one into your dishes whilst cooking to add lots of flavour.

Alternatively, you can buy some from the store, just ensure it has good ingredients, not lots of salt and preservatives!

Prep to bowl: 40 minutes

Portions: 2


1 small white onion - finely diced


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Jerk Salmon with Wild Rice and Mango Salsa

This spicy and colourful dish inspired by the Caribbean is packed with nutritional goodness and is so refreshing and satisfying.

If you don’t eat fish this will pair well with chicken and if you’re veggie then throw in a tin of kidney beans to the rice after cooking and use tofu as your main protein source instead.

We have a high protein meal here, heart-healthy carbs and lots of B vitamins which are essential for boosting your mood. This recipe has got it all going on so dive on in and give it a try.

Prep to plate: 50 minutes (mainly rice cooking time) Portions: 2


2 150g/medium salmon fillets - skin removed

1 tbsp jerk paste (use seasoning if you can’t get the paste)

1 large clove garlic - peeled/cut into 4

1 tsp dried thyme 80g wild rice - follow the instructions below or cook according to packet instructions (drain well)

Mango Salsa Ingredients:

1 small ripe mango

1 small red bell pepper - finely diced

2 spring onions/scallions - finely sliced into...

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How to Boost Vitamin D During Lockdown

Due to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) lockdown and the increased time inside most of the day and if you’re based in a non-sunny climate, your vitamin D level could possibly decrease.

Therefore, it might be worth considering taking a vitamin D supplement, usually more essential during the darker months (in the UK) of September to April but during these unusual times of staying indoors most of the time it’s perhaps wise until we are all able to return to some form of ‘normality’.

You can get some vitamin D from your diet if you eat oily fish, mushrooms and egg yolks (whole eggs basically), but the rest you need to get from sunlight.

You can currently go out to exercise once a day (walk, run, cycle) and you should if you can but also adhere to the rules to protect yourself, the most vulnerable and of course ALL the amazing people helping fight the war of this devastating virus! If you have zero symptoms, have an enclosed, garden, courtyard or balcony...

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Healthy Fruity Crumble Recipe

This crumble is packed with fibre, nutrients and well balanced with protein, carbs and fat. It’s perfect for a family treat or for a dinner party dessert. It can be made gluten-free or even vegan.

We pre-cook the fruit to ensure this is a quick and hassle-free recipe. When berries are in season you can use fresh ones instead.

Fruity Crumble Recipe

Portions: 4

Prep to bowl: 35 minutes

You will need an 8-inch baking dish and about 2 inches deep.

For extra fibre (if the fruit is organic) always leave the skin on.


4 sweet apples (we like Braeburn) or 6 if very small - cored and sliced

4 dessert pears - Cored and sliced

1 cup frozen blueberries or cherries or raspberries or forest fruits

½ cup light brown muscovado sugar

1 cup organic fine plain wholemeal flour (or use organic gluten-free flour)

½ cup ground almonds

½ cup organic rolled oats

½ cup organic or Jersey/Guernsey butter (cold & cut into small squares)

½ tsp ground...

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Step Count Walk Challenge

We have a challenge for you today and every day going forwards and that’s to walk 10,000 steps by lunchtime ‍‍

YES, that’s right, we recommend you get your 10k steps in before 2pm for optimum health… every day

Some ideas of how you can do that: Workout in the a.m, walk to work, take the stairs, walk the kids to school, walk at lunchtime (by yourself to escape or with a friend to have a good old chin wag)…

Considering a lot of people in Western countries aren’t even walking 2,000 steps in their whole day, it’s pretty important to have a goal to work towards to help increase your everyday activity levels, especially if your job is sedentary ‍

The Italians have been considered a very healthy bunch of (incredibly stylish) people, not only because of their high fibre and varied diet but also because they tend to walk at least 30 minutes (usually before dinner time) every… single… day. The same can be said for the French,...

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Easy French Toast Recipe

Cherries pack a nutritional punch, they can help reduce the bodies inflammation response, reduce pain and also contain melatonin which helps you sleep better.

This recipe is for fresh cherries but you can also use frozen cherries when they’re not in season which you can buy in all good stores so you can still enjoy their nutritional benefits all year round.

French Toast with Poached Cherries 

Serves: 4

Prep to plate: 25 minutes

Poached Cherries Ingredients:

2 x medium oranges (squeezed)

125ml hot filtered water

1 tbsp maple syrup

300g fresh cherries

Poached Cherries Instructions:

Cut all the way around each cherry stone with a small sharp knife and peel off each half and place in a medium saucepan (your hands will get stained red so perhaps wear kitchen gloves if that’s an issue for you!).

Add orange juice, water and maple syrup to the pan and cook on a simmering heat for 3 minutes, remove from the heat and leave to absorb the syrup whilst you cook the toast.


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