Thanks for checking out our story, it’s lovely to be able to share it with you and hopefully, you’ll recognise a little of yourself in there somewhere.
Our healthy lifestyle principles have been developed over years of coaching clients and through our own journey to wellness which included all the elements of exercise, outdoor activity, nature, walking, movement, natural foods, social, self-care, meditation, mindfulness and rest.
Here’s the short version…
We have both had a scarily similar journey!
We were both fit and sporty in our younger years (Steph an Ice Skater, Rachel a Dancer) and then ended up in the corporate world which was not a good fit for either of us and led us both to spiralling out into a life of too much stress, too many takeaways, too much alcohol and not enough exercise or self- care!
There was also a short period in between (we call it the 90’s) where there was a LOT of partying and that took its toll too!

Looking in the mirror, neither of us recognised the woman looking back and it wasn’t just that we’d both become an unhealthy weight (although a factor of course), it was more about seeing the spark had gone out and that led us both on a journey to reignite that and reinvent ourselves and it’s been quite a journey.

We had previously tried every diet under the sun but nothing stuck, it was impossible to live that way! So we finally realised we needed to make lifestyle adjustments and it was going to take a different approach to do this the right way and remain healthy and sane at the same time! 
Now both on the ‘other side’ of 40 and both decreased body fat, reduced weight, regained our fitness and learnt how to remain a ‘healthy’ weight. More importantly, we found that spark and it made us both want to do that for other women who needed to discover or reignite theirs.

We retrained as Personal Trainers, qualified in Massage Therapy, Life Coaching, Breathwork, Nutrition and Movement Coaching, and have since been running a successful ‘fitness’ businesses in London, Manchester and online for 17 years...

Then all of that took its toll too! We both found ourselves broken in different ways and if you too are constantly on GO (physically and mentally), you will no doubt understand what we’re talking about.
Thanks to that epic journey and those wonderful genetics, we both have our own health issues which forced us to make some serious changes to care for ourselves in a different way.

So, we pivoted once again and made some essential changes for our own wellbeing and for our business which we now pay forward to our clients.

This is why we set up the Chicks of Wellness, because it allows us to share our message of wellbeing with more women across the world and that is our number one goal, to help more women heal and nurture themselves just as we did and now do with all our clients.
Our approach to fitness and health is relaxed and balanced and now centered entirely on holistic wellness.

Let's Get Personal...

We're both the 'other side' of 40+
We're both animal lovers and somewhat obsessed with our sausage dog called Stevie.
Steph is a Stevie Nicks fan (hence the fur baby's name).
Rachel is a MEGA madonna fan.
We like a cocktail and a glass of champagne (every now and again), and we don't see the point of life without cake!
So that’s the short version! 
Thanks for taking the time to read about us.
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Chicks of Wellness

Why use the word Chicks?

It's a linguistic reclamation of course!

Why, because we reclaimed the word from being a derogatory meaning (predominately used by men to suggest women were fragile) to one of power which we use for ourselves and to communicate in a relaxed manner with our audience.

Much the same as the LGBT+ community reclaiming the word and expression 'queer' among others.

We choose to refer to ourselves as chicks because that's how we identify. To us, it expresses powerful camaraderie (think Rizzo from Grease and the Pink Ladies')...

You may also realise our acronym is C.o.W. A word also used in a derogotory way often by women against women! Let's change this. We 💗 cows too.

Join our incredible Tribe of Chicks and discover women who celebrate you, support you, encourage you, are real with you, make your face smile and not frown, and shine a light when you find yourself in the darkness... that chick is the magic of being a part of our tribe and the wellness movement.

Our Mission

To help shift the focus onto health, fitness and inner/outer wellbeing rather than weight, body fat and aesthetics.
To empower all women to look after themselves and each other, body, mind and soul.
To shine a spotlight on the benefits of natural foods provided by earth and nature and away from detox, potions, juices, pills, cleanses or fad diets.
To help women feel valued, hopeful, liberated and in control through the information and support we provide.
To help you start your wellness journey so you can also heal in body, mind and soul.
See below why you might like to embark on that journey with us.


"A great experience to work with two positive women who have been through the same struggles as most of us.

Steph and Rachel are not calorie counting gym bunnies showing off their six packs and taking selfies, but instead inspiring women on how easy it is to make exercise and a well balanced diet part of a healthy, everyday lifestyle, not forgetting the importance of mental well-being and loving yourself no matter what your shape or size.

Inspiring us all to live a life of wellness!"

- Melanie Evans

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